Fully Guided Fraser River Fishing Charters for Sturgeon and Salmon in British Columbia

Fraser River Fishing with Guided Fishing BC

Within less than an hour drive from Vancouver (one of the most beautiful and vibrant cities on the planet), the mighty Fraser River offers the best angling known worldwide. Ranked on top of on an anglers bucket list, it attracts beginner and experienced anglers alike from all across the globe, in expectations of experiencing the most incredible fishing, scenery, and wildlife showcasing known to the avid outdoors enthusiast. The amount of opportunity to accomplish personal record catches and learn new and effective techniques are never ending on this waterway. From the unbeatable size, the gigantic prehistoric White Sturgeon to the heart pumping and exhilarating runs of a Chinook.


Known to the locals as the “Mighty” Fraser River, is just that – Mighty. Spanning across a majority of British Columbia, the system is the longest in the Province with an entire length of 1, 375 kilometers (854 miles) from it’s meandering headwaters, to it’s narrow canyon through Boston Bar and historic Gold Rush town Yale, to the mouth in Vancouver where it dumps into the Pacific Ocean. This incredible span of water increases drastically in size as it travels South to where is meets with the Pacific Ocean at the Strait of Georgia. It’s not only a long flowing body of water, but also has an incredible amount of water volume with an average discharge of 3,475 m3/s (122,718 cu ft/s). There is vast amount of tributaries that supply  it’s water, and some the main systems to name would be the Chilliwack, Harrison, Thompson, Quesnel, and Nechako Rivers. Throughout it’s great history, mighty Fraser system, it has seen some spectacular scenes from the great Gold Rush in the late 1800’s to the First Nations and surviving off of the river and the fish that inhabit it from the start of human existence in the area. Time off from angling, visitors can take a short drive to towns such as Yale, Boston Bar, and even into the Thompson River Valley and town of Spences Bridge to see how historic events have shaped the area, and made it what it is today. Throughout the course of time, the Fraser has withstood some major hurdles, yet continues to flow as the richest watershed known to planet Earth. Whether it be natural disasters, threatening of damming and power projects, most of its tributaries remain virtually untouched in its most precious segments. When on a guided trip, you can feel the historic vibe and feel a part of the great events that have taken place there, and be a part of new events and memories that will last a lifetime.

The Fish We Target

Known as the “Salmon Highway” or the “Sturgeon Mecca”, the system hosts huge populations and runs of various fish species. Our main targeted species on our guided trips include all five species of Pacific Salmon and Sturgeon. Dependent on the time of year, there is always something to target, and always something to be had on the end of your line. Beginning in the late Spring and early Summer months, we begin to see our larger pushes which include Chinook and Sockeye. As Summer progresses into Fall, species such as Pink, Coho, and Chum begin their migratory venture up the system and are all fantastic game fish to target. The highly sought after White Sturgeon are in the Fraser 12 months a year, but timings can vary on water level, water temperature, season and food sources.

Why Fish With Us?

When it comes down to the ultimate angling experience, there are very few options that could surpass the excitement and enjoyment of battling a prehistoric giant or wide bodied chrome rocket of a Chinook giving you the fight of a lifetime. Throughout your adventure on the water, there are a variety of sights and opportunities for much more than just the fishing itself. Wildlife sightings of countless Bald Eagles gliding over snow-capped mountain ranges and black bears scavenging the beaches for spawned out salmon carcasses are not uncommon when angling on this waterway. The Fraser Valley hosts one of the largest annual Fall and Winter gatherings of Bald Eagles. Due to the areas massive Salmon return, thousands upon thousands of spawned out and decaying fish and strewn along the river banks, making them a delectable meal for the beautiful bird. It is a common site to see large trees perched upon by six to twelve Bald Eagles at a time. With the wildlife sightings come some incredibly picturesque photo opportunities up and down the valley, and those only get better with a fish or two in them. Sunrises and sunsets in the valley are as good as they get on a clear day, and the smell of  crisp and cool coastal air flowing down the valley compliments the scenery and fish-filled day. Along with the incredible scenic amenities, come our experienced and hard working guides. Our guides are going to do their absolute best at putting you onto the fish of your lifetime. With years of extensive angling and species knowledge under their belt, you can be assured you’ll be guided to the right areas, at the right times, using the right things.

Our Methods of Angling

We offer angling methods for all experience levels, whether it be young, beginner, novice, or experienced, we accommodate your needs. Salmonids can be targeted with spinning rods, casting rods, centrepin rods, fly rods, and spey rods. Methods used for targeting salmonids will be dependent on client comfort and versatility, as well as the best suited for the particular fishery that day. When it comes down to Sturgeon angling, we use only the highest quality casting reels and rods to ensure you a comfortable battle, along with the peace of mind to get in that fish of a lifetime. When a screaming Sturgeon’s freight training down river, the last you want is equipment failure.

British Columbia Fishing Seasons

There really is no such thing as a particular “fishing season”. Our angling season is 12 months of the year with us, and the adventure never stops. With that being said, there are specific months where angling will be better than others, and it also all comes down to your targeted specie(s). Those that are pursuing Sturgeon will have shots year around as a big number of them are residents, but along with that come migratory fish that show up certain months of the year for various food sources. We tend to see our most consistent fishing between April and November. For this reason, Sturgeon are becoming more active as the water temperatures begin to warm up and new sources of bait first make their way into the system. Once this happens in the Spring, the continuation of food sources come and go, such as the Eulachon (Smelt) run in the Spring, and the great Chum, Sockeye, Coho and Chinook runs of the Summer and Fall months which seemingly draw in the largest ones. Anglers that wish to pursue Salmonids have a wide range of dates to work with to best suit their desires. The Summer and Fall months are the times to target them, and there is something for everybody. Due to the Fraser’s vast number of tributaries, there are immense opportunities for various runs for an extended period of time.

Guided Sturgeon Charters

Each year, tens of thousands of Canadian and international anglers descend on our rivers in hopes of hooking into a world record White Sturgeon. It is without a doubt that here in British Columbia, the river hosts the absolute best fishery in the entire World, and we are here to make your dream become a reality. These prehistoric freight trains are one of the most respected freshwater angling adversary in the world. For 12 months a year, these dinosaurs inhabit the waters in high numbers, and in incredible size classes. It is not uncommon to see them exceed the 10ft. mark and average 3 to 6ft. Their high flying acrobatics and blistering runs are the reasons why we only use premium quality rods, reels and tackle. This is a unique fishery that is exciting for people of all ages and skill levels. It should certainly be on your bucket list if you haven’t tried it yet. Our local population is stronger than ever and our catch success rate is excellent. For more info please visit our Sturgeon fishing on the Fraser River page.

Guided Salmon Trips

The Fraser River is a true “Salmon Highway”, and anglers of all levels of angling can get an exhilarating rush when hooked into a Pacific Salmon. They can be targeted at least 7 out of the 12 months in the year, and can be caught with a large variety of different tackle and methods. Our rivers host some of the biggest salmonid runs in the world. Between the months of May and November, our local rivers and can receive upwards of 50-100 million fish. Our guides target all 5 species including Chinook, Coho, Sockeye, Chum and Pink). We cater to all types of angling methods: spey, spin, bait, float and fly. We also offer 8 hour combo trips for people interested in getting the best of both worlds. For more info please visit our British Columbia, Salmon fishing on the Fraser River page.


Our corporate and party angling excursions are excellent for team building, rewards, strengthening and building relationships with clients, and even bachelor/bachelorette parties! Our charters can be completely customized to suit your company or group’s needs. We look after all the details to ensure it’s stress free for you. We are able to handle small groups and large groups that require multiple boats. Get your staff our clients on the water and into some trophy fish with us today! Contact us at 778-389-3474 or send us an email at charters@guidedfishingbc.com.

Your BC Fishing Trip Details

We offer the safest and most professional Fraser River fishing charters for White Sturgeon and all five species of Pacific Salmon. Join our professional guides for a 6 hour, 8 hour or multi day package.  We are able to accommodate small private groups to large multi boat corporate outings. We use only the highest quality tackle, rods, reels, and boats to ensure you a comfortable and safe venture on the water, as well as making sure that fish of a lifetime is landed for a never ending memory. Book your day on the water with the Fraser Valley’s top guiding outfit, and contact us to learn more about our guided angling adventures. Your guide will meet you at the boat launch where you will board one of our custom jet boats. Transportation to the water from Vancouver can also be arranged if you’re travelling from out of town and don’t have a vehicle. See our photo gallery to check out some of the catches of our past guests.


Our number one priority in assuring you have the trip of a lifetime is maintaining unbeatable safety measures. Along with our highly skilled and experienced guides, our custom jet boats are equipped with only the finest quality safety equipment from life jackets (PFD’s) to first aid supplies and much more. All of our boats are well kept and up to date to ensure reliability and ensuring a safe and fun adventure out on the water.

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